Mzansi asks Faith Nketsi to quit music that’s enough


Mzansi asks Faith Nketsi to quit music that’s enough

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In 2020 Faith Nketsi admitted that she didn’t know what she was doing when she tried music and released an album that miserably flopped. She then vowed to never set a foot in the studio ever again after Mzansi begged her to stop.


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What a difference a year can make, now she has changed her heart and is now willing to give music another try. The internet which never forgets was set ablaze after a video surfaced online where she was in session in a studio.

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In a video, she promised that this one was going to be better than the last but Mzansi is not quite convinced. The video was met with mixed reactions with some suggestions that she must give it another try while some were ruthless begging her to stop the music and focus on twerking.

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