Mzansi can’t believe Nomcebo Zikode is only 24 years old!

Mzansi can’t believe Nomcebo Zikode is only 24 years old!

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Nomcebo zikode is a South African singer who rose to fame with the most amazing album she she released last year which left everyone begging for more.Nomcebo was featured by Master KG in their Jerusalem song which made waves and was played all over the african continent.

The hit song maker is a daughter in-law of the legend Gospel singer Deborah Fraizer who is also well-known within her amazing voice that has restored hope to all those who had thought it was over about their lives.

Deborah Fraizer has been in the entertainment and gospel industry for a decade now,she has achieved a lot, speaking of golden horn, awards,Satma and so forth.

Today Mam Deborah Fraizer took to her Facebook account to celebrate her daughter in-law birthday in her post she mentioned that it was her daughter in-law Nomcebo birthday and she’s turning 24 years.
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People were left in disbelief because it not what they know, according to google Nomcebo is 36 meaning she was born in 1985 October 28.

But Mam Deborah left many confused and seeking for answers after she said her daughter in-law is actually turning 24 years today, while others knew Nomcebo’s real age but they were left with no choice but to believe whatever Mam Deborah Fraizer was saying, because she was convincing them not to believe anything that comes from Google.

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People flooded Mam Deborah Fraizer comment section arguing with her over what she has said,but she assured them that what she is saying is true,According to my point of view it might happen that she wasn’t serious about what she has said, because we all know that there’s no way google can lie to us.

But then other decided to focus more on Nomcebo’s special day and kept on sending her sweet messages on her birthday.