Mzansi comforts Rami Chuene after she lost a relative in an accident.

Mzansi comforts Rami Chuene after she lost a relative in an accident.

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On Saturday 14 August, Popular South African actress Rami Chuene took to Twitter to post a message asking people to help her with finding her nephew’s wife named Charlotte that has been missing since Friday 13 August.

“‼️Please RT‼️

Charlotte, my nephew’s wife, is missing. She was last seen yesterday morning going to a meeting in the Vaal. She didn’t make the meeting.” – She wrote.

On Sunday 15 August, Rami Chuene took to Twitter once again to give an update about the situation with her nephew’s missing wife, Rami Chuene announced that Charlotte has been found, but she also announced the tragic and sad news that she was involved in a car accident, and unfortunately, she has passed away.

“Thank you all for spreading the word. We found Charlotte. It turns out she was involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive. Thank you all for your help and prayers. Our hearts are broken, re maketše. 💔🙏🏾”

The sad news from Rami Chuene left a lot of people on Twitter saddened, and many of them responded by sending her their condolences during this difficult time…

“Charlotte my God may her beautiful soul rest in Peace, god comfort Sihle, her parents, and the rest of the truly sad ey mm”
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“May the soul of Charlotte rest in peace, my sister. May the family hold on and trust in the Lord for healing in this trying time. He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals”

“Aaaaaw Rami💔😔. Condolences to your family. May her soul rest in peace🤗”

“Condolences, it’s sad to lose a loved one in such a manner💔”

“Ohhhhh nooo sis💔💔💔💔!!! So sorry for your loss!!! May you and your family find peace and comfort in the Lord”

“Oh man 🥺🥺💔💔 so sorry Rami, may her soul rest in peace and May God comfort you and the family 🕯🕯🕊🕊”

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“Shem sorry hle. How traumatic for your nephew and the entire family! My condolences. Let’s hope her spirit shall rest in peace. May God grant you the strength to deal with her loss. Nxanxae!”

“This is so sad. Condolences to you and your family 💐”

“So sad and heartbreaking,may her soul rest in peace”

“May tha Almighty embrace the whole family during the hardship you going through, may she rest in peace”

“Sorry for your loss and may you and the family be comforted. My sincere condolences”

“May her soul rest in peace😭😭, the lord to heal your heal it always painful to lose someone.”