Mzansi gushes over Emtee’s new business

Mzansi gushes over Emtee’s new business

Emtee has finally jumped into the entrepreneurial route but his business plan is nothing like what other ZAlebs take on. The rapper is definitely on brand with his business idea which involves him selling paper to roll the weed.

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‘Emtee: Good Paper, No Kizzy’ comes in 24 booklet papers to help roll your weed. The rapper, who is known for consuming the herbal drug, was praised by his fans for this genius idea. Especially because a lot of these rappers chose to sell alcohol, clothing merchandise and cosmetics.

His rolling paper company is also in partnership with his record label, Emtee Records.

Emtee’s relevance in the industry often gets debated and it mainly has to do with the drama he involves himself in.

His very good friend Sjava defended him on Twitter and said, “To all
@emteerecords supporters you need to understand that Emtee can never be compared if you love respect and understand what he does and why he does it here is my advice just enjoy his music nikhohlwe yizinto eziningi (forget about a lot of things) his mixtape dropping soon and it’s going to be a classic.”

Emtee released a documentary in the past few days where he talks about his come up in the industry and his fall out with Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The rapper had been to a lot of car accidents but he said all the times his car crashed, the label only cared about the cars and not him. “A lot of people didn’t really care if I was damaged. They were worried about the car and if it was written off and I’m asking myself, why are people so much worried about this vehicle and my answer came about when I found out it’s not mine. 2 days in the hospital and motherf***s re stressing about the car.”
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‘The Real Story About Emtee’ is a 9-minute documentary where Emtee talks about the man who made his career possible, Maraza. “I met Maraza, he was the first established artist I bumped into and made sure I make that moment count. So when I met him I gave him my music and told him to listen. I bumped into him in Yeoville and he said let’s go to my house now and listen to some beats and see if we can do something.

“So we did that and months went on, we started making a lot of music together. Then years went by, he was like a mentor. At every show I was with him and we formed a group and called it Forefront,” explained Emtee.

Another star in the entrepreneurship trend is Cassper Nyovest who launched his alcohol beverage Billiato yesterday, whilst celebrating his birthday at his home.

One of the biggest business deals he gone into this year alone was the R100 million deal with Drip Footwear, which saw him creating the 990’s. He also launched Billiato alcoholic spirit beverage earlier this week.

“I’ve got a lot to celebrate. Launching Billiato this week, Winning artist of the decade, my birthday in two days. I decided to spoil myself with my very first Frank Muller. This is not your normal Frank Muller. Fully customised. Diamond encrusted. A watch fit for a king.”

All the stars who are close friends with Cassper were in attendance and those include Kamo Mphela, his friend Carpo, Black Coffee, Oscar Mbo and Lasizwe.