Mzansi has reacted to Dj Finzo’s girlfriend Lelethu and her mother.

Mzansi has reacted to Dj Finzo’s girlfriend Lelethu and her mother.

Mzansi is not happy with the way they presented themselves in front of Dj Finzo. In the past two episodes of #Giantsofthecity, we have seen Dj Finzo meeting with Lelethu’s mother and her aunt. Mzansi has not been pleased with Lelethu’s family and viewers think that she’s In a relationship for money and fame.

Many fans have noticed that Lelethu might not be in love with Dj Finzo and she could be in a relationship because he has money and his famous.

Lelethu’s Mom is still not happy on how Finzo and Lelethu went about their engagement. Judging by her judgemental she wants Lelethu to change her mind about Finzo. Lelethu’s family is so angry as if Finzo has embarrassed their daughter on social media. Lelethu’s mother thinks it’s about money or a lavish life when the couple have been telling them that they love each other.

Lelethu’s mother is trying to choose a husband for her daughter. It seems like she has a problem with Finzo’s height. And she has not accepted that her daughter is dating a dwarf. Lelethu’s mother have also discriminating against Finzo because of his height. It clear that Finzo is not a good person according to her.

Viewers has been saying If Lelethu’s mom could have her way, Lelethu and Finzo would have to break up because she’s not ready for what people will say. Lelethu’s family have a list for Dj Finzo which includes: Divorcee, Kids, is a DJ, is old, he is Ex-Alcoholic and his also Short person. Lelethu’s mother must call herself in to order an accept that her daughter chose a drwaf type of man.

Finzi has not accepted his shortness of shame. Last season he made a nasty remark about little women, this season he does not want kids.

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