Mzansi in Anger After Bester and Nandipha Were Caught Playing Love in Court

Thabo Bester and his lover, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, were reunited in the dock on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, for the first time since their arrest in Tanzania in April 2023.

Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, escaped from the Mangaung Correctional Centre in May 2022 after orchestrating a fake suicide by fire. He was on the run for over a year before he was tracked down to Tanzania with Magudumana, who is accused of helping him escape.




The couple appeared in Court for a trial hearing on Tuesday. They were both dressed in white shirts and looked relaxed as they entered the courtroom.

Magudumana smiled coyly at Bester when she saw him, and the two exchanged a few words before the proceedings began. They were seated next to each other in the dock, and they appeared to be happy to be reunited.

Bester and Magudumana’s case was postponed. They are both facing charges of conspiracy to commit escape, defeating the ends of justice, and murder.

The reunion of Bester and Magudumana has sparked outrage in South Africa. Many people are disgusted by the fact that the couple are still able to see each other, despite the serious charges they are facing.

There have also been calls for Magudumana to be charged with more serious offenses, such as aiding and abetting a criminal.

The case against Bester and Magudumana is expected to go to trial later this year. It remains to be seen how the couple will fare in court, but their reunion in the dock has certainly made headlines.

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