Mzansi is having a bad day because of Don’s death in Gomara


Mzansi is having a bad day because of Don’s death in Gomara


Thursday night’s episode of Gomora was a sad moment for South African television. Here is why:
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When Don first appeared on the show, he was a single parent who was left homeless after his rich wife had died and he and his daughter were put out onto the streets. Don had to beg Zodwa to take him and his daughter in.

Zodwa took him in but only on the condition that he understood that the arrangement was temporary. He tried to get a job but was never lucky. Zodwa kept telling him to get a job or be put out.

So poor Don had to keep looking and looking. Then Zodwa’s boyfriend, gave Don a job reluctantly out of love for Zodwa. He abused Don verbally at every turn, calling him a dog and treating him like trash. Don did his best and was popular with the customers, to Bongani’s irritation.

Then Bongani’s restaurant was robbed. Bongani accused Don without any evidence. He insulted Don and treated him badly then proceeded to fire Don. Don pleaded for his job but Bongani did not care. It’s worth remembering that Don actually swallowed his pride to accept the job because of his daughter, who begged him to take the job, but none of this meant anything to Bongani.
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Don, because of his unemployment and desire to take care of his children decided to take up a job as a hijacker. He was the fourth in London’s crew and London treated him like garbage. Again Don swallowed his pride because he had children to take care of.

Then because of his qualities and acumen the crew decided to replace London with Don. London did not take kindly to being replaced and then started plotting to remove Don. He was behind the setup that got one of the crew members killed.

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Don also decided to rent Mam Sonto’s workshop with the help of Mazet. Mazet became infatuated with Don but Don loved Zodwa. Mazet did not take kindly to being rejected and also began plotting against Don. Mam Sonto found out about the workshop being used for hijacking and was shot.

Don was kicked out of Zodwa’s shack after it was discovered that he was a hijacker. He then because of some strange writing moved into Sonto’s house. It’s really strange writing how a person who was the head of a hijacking crew could force himself to stay in a house where he was clearly not wanted. A house with too many people. Surely he could afford to rent elsewhere.

Somehow along the way the writers decided that Don was a bad guy. Not Thati, not Mazet despite the fact they have killed so many people, including police officers and despite the fact they bribed their way out of going to prison. They decided to turn everyone against Don and then Thati and his crew began plotting.
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Then Don discovered Ntokozo’s betrayal and tried to kill him only to be shot in the back. When he died everyone was so happy, including his crew. Don, a great single father who only wanted to provide for his daughter was turned into some monster by lazy writers. The real monsters like Thati and Mazet, who will obviously pull through after being shot were left to ride into the sunset.

While everyone was celebrating, poor Sibongile who had nobody but Don for a long time was at home waiting for her father. A sad day for TV.

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