Mzansi is not happy with the ending of the role of Romeo of Scandal .

Mzansi is not happy with the ending of the role of Romeo of Scandal.

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It never ends with Mzansi losing talented actors and actresses contributing to the reason why many stay up all night glued up on television screens. Viewers have once again lost the most talented actor from Scandal.

Hungani Ndlovu who played the character of Romeo Medupe has died on the show following Zethu from Imbewu w struggled with Post Partum Depression and ended up committing suicide. Ndlou returned to Scandal only to pass after having disappeared on the show and went missing. Romeo before returning was shown in a forest weak with wounds picked up by a man who took care of trying to get him recovered.
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Viewer’s were left sad and broken when Romeo who was the son of the hotel owner and businesswoman on the show being Grace Medupe disappeared on Scandal. Some even lost interest in the show while others announced that they will stop watching the show as one of their favorites was no longer seen. Romeo gave viewer’s a lot, 7 pm without him on Scandal was no longer the same.

Fans who are also viewers were excited to learn that he might come back on the show but were left disappointed when he passed on after just returning. His death has hit hard to many as if he has passed on in real life. Viewers took to social media and reacted to his passing which happened in yesterday’s episode.

@Sihle_QK on Twitter said, “Not them officially killing Romeo’s role. I was really hoping for his come back”.

@Tumelo said “@etvscandal the two weeks of hot storylines just went to waste. Why did you have to bring Romeo back in the first place?”

“The worse thing they did is killing Romeo after they promised he was coming back.They enjoying this Boniswa character”, @Umfana KaMasondishi Mbuyazi said.
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Hungani Ndluvo as Romeo was the undefeatable on Scandal and always had his different ways to outsmart people. He succeeded in beating one in his or her own game. He once did with Mthunzi who left the show when he wanted to attack the Langa family and steal their business from them.

Ndlovu married to media personality, Stephanie Ndlovu was also good at protecting his loved ones. In the last days before he disappeared, he was seen trying, by all means, to protect his mother from marrying Simo who was only after his mother’s money.
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