SkeemSaam: Mzansi is proud of Pretty when she stood up to Lehasa!

Skeem Saam: Mzansi is proud of Pretty when she stood up to Lehasa!

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So, Lehasa can’t be trusted! The way he denied Pretty’s pregnancy in front of his girlfriend, uncle, and Pretty’s family shows that after God, you need to fear men!
Pretty and Lehasa had quite the relationship, at some point he even wanted her to move in with him and transfer universities! He forgot all about that as he denied her pregnancy point-blank on last night’s episode! I understand that he’s still taken aback by the news but to actually pretend as if she’s delusional to even consider him the father of her child shows that you can never confirm a person! He knows that they had unprotected sex so it’s not out of the question yet he still decided to embarrass her, with the hope that Nothile would see Pretty as a claiming girl from Turfloop who has nothing better to do!

The fact that the two ladies didn’t attack each other is revolutionary! Nothile understood that she has only recently come into Lehasa’s life and cannot comment on what happened before her arrival. Had it been someone else, she would have been too quick to actually attack Pretty and paint her as someone is trying to ruin her relationship with Lehasa! Pretty also took the opportunity to actually tell Nothile that “he will use and dump you!”

“I was so proud of Pretty when she stood up to Lehasa! #SkeemSaam”

“I don’t like Lehasa this guys he’s a bully n he always want things to go his way, but DNA tests will do him good”

“I know he is wrong but who can trust a cheater🤔 Phela he can never be sure. He must just do DNA. It’s possible to do during the pregnancy”

“Lehasa is going to love that baby with all of his heart…”