Mzansi Magic announces the return of Musa Mseleku in the new season from Mna Kwethu

Mzansi Magic announces the return of Musa Mseleku in the new season from Mna Kwethu

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Mna Kwethu is a gripping reality talk show. Husbands in monogamous marriages approach their wives and tell them they have new women they are seeing. No, they don’t publicly ask to get divorced. All these husbands want to switch up their marriages from monogamy to polygamy

Musa Mseleku is one of the most famous polygamists in South Africa. The reason is that he has a reality show with his 4 wives called Uthando Nes’thembu. As a polygamist himself, he has the ability to ease the situation when it gets too tough.

Wives on the show react with shock and most feel a great deal of betrayal. All the husbands don’t speak about the matter prior to showing up with Mna Kwethu’s camera crew. As the conversation gets deeper revelations of the marriage come to the surface. Some wives even express how they are mistreated by their husbands.

Avid viewers of Mna Kwethu showed a lot of excitement at the announcement of the show. Fans said they are happy the show is finally coming back. Others expressed the wait has been too long. Heart and fire emojis flooded the comment section as viewers are ecstatic.
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Some viewers of the Mzansi Magic channel are unhappy with the return. That certain demographic is made of people who have strong views against polygamy. Some feel the show promotes husbands betraying their wives.


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Mna Kwethu first aired on television and became an instant success. Polygamy is still a controversial topic in Mzansi. Some men secretly crave that lifestyle whilst in monogamous marriages. Viewers are also deeply invested in how the wives react.

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