Mamazala: Mzansi make fun of Thuli’s two-year pregnancy

Mzansi make fun of Thuli’s two-year pregnancy #Mamazala

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Mamazala – A reality show hosted by Dingaan Siyabonga Khumalo, it usually looks at an in-law and their bride or groom who are not on good terms as they try to resolve the root of their conflict. People have grown to love the show ever since it aired on television screens. The host, Dingaan takes it upon himself to ensure that individuals solve their underlying issues if any, with their in-laws.

In the recent episode of Mamazala fans were left in disbelief after the woman mentioned how much she was worth. Basically, this was after saying it costs R100 000 to marry a chief’s child. This was definitely something that most people didn’t expect especially coming from her.

Most people thought the amount was ridiculously high and they wouldn’t pay that much for Thuli. Another thing which was a concern was how they got to that conclusion in the first place about the amount of R100 000. This was definitely something new and people begged to differ.

There were a lot of things that didn’t make sense from people’s perspectives. Another thing that was a red flag was how the old woman mentioned that Thuli was in fact pregnant for a period of 24 months. This was something that most people thought was skeptical. See more of people’s reactions down below;
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