Mzansi reacts to Pretty being pregnant with Lehasa’s child

Mzansi reacts to Pretty being pregnant with Lehasa’s child

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It is now more evident than ever that Pretty is carrying Lehasa Maphosa’s child. Well, at least for now as the signs point toward that direction. Remember when we first reported on this a couple of months back as just a conspiracy, well a lot of the viewers of Skeem Saam are also tempted to think that way.

Since the morning of Mmapitsi and T’Bose’s wedding, she has been having severe morning sickness and she appears to be developing more symptoms. During the latest episode, she was craving Bunny chow and her mood swings were all over the place, much to the bewilderment of her brother Kwaito and nephew Clement.


Meanwhile, in Joburg, it appears the case to found out who murdered Fanie is slowly fading while Lehasa continues to live scot-free and terrorize more lives. He has developed strong feelings for the new girl in town Nothile Mavimbela who’s been playing hard to get for the Café Rovhuwa owner.

Lehasa Maphosa is portrayed by talented actor Cedric Fourie. He recently joined e.TV’s medical drama Durban Gen. He has also bagged his degree from the University of Cape Town. He attributes his success to the women who helped shape the successful man he is today.

Earlier on in August, he wished his grandmother’s cousin a happy birthday. She turned a hundred and one years old.
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“Meet grandma Betty on my right (my grandmother’s cousin). She’s 101 years of age. Spent some quality time with my grandmothers and man do I feel so blessed to have my own guardian angels still walking alongside me physically. Yes, we flex differently in my family,” posted Cedric.

A month prior he celebrated his grandmother’s birthday, referring to her as his walking guardian angel. He said that he is grateful to have her here on earth.

“Blessed beyond all measures. My walking guardian angel. My mother’s mother. Happy birthday Gogo. I am so grateful to God that you’re still here. To think you’ll be looking so flawless throughout your 90s not to forget in good health. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”

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Cedric’s mother celebrated her birthday in April. Penning a sweet message for her, Fourie said that she is his first love and wished her many more years. “To my first love, the matriarch. This woman is the grande dame of great dignity. With a heart of a lion, yet is so nurturing and as soft as a down feather – happy birthday Mama. Your heart is as beautiful as you are. I pray that God protects you and grants you many more blessings and years,” wrote the actor.