Mzansi shocks Anele Mdoda. I think she’ll never see sleep again.

Mzansi shocks Anele Mdoda. I think she’ll never see sleep again.

TV personality Anele Mdoda will never get peace in Mzansi over what she said, see here.
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Sometime in 2019 Sizwe Dlomo decided to compliment Kelly Rowland randomly, but it seems like Anele Mdoda was not going to keep quiet with her truth, and believes that kelly was in fact tickets underneath the layers of make-up “I think Kelly Rowland could lowkey be the best-looking one in DC” Sizwe said.

Anele answered, “Kelly looks amazing with make-up. Take that makeup off, then its tickets, have receipts.”

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From that day forward Anele’s Twitter image was a joke to many she was dragged for each time she posted a picture, or whenever Kelly Rowland posts a picture she was constantly mocked and called names like “Pumba” and many more, but this time she was not having it, she posted a picture of herself as well-deserved vacation destination while relaxed captioned “I whilst you all worry about me”, and fan came at her and said “We aren’t even worried about you relax we are busy with serious stuff like admiring Kelly Rowland”

The picture that Anele posted was off herself in pajamas and fans messed around to find a picture of Kelly Rowland at the same destination wearing luxurious swimwear, so one tweep said, “we not worried about you read in between the gap, but all we are saying is had it been Kelly on the picture she wouldn’t be in her pajamas covered with a blanket, but you are Anele”. Will Anele ever find peace?