Mzansi star Makhadzi continues to donate to charity


Mzansi star Makhadzi continues to donate to charity

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Mzansi star Makhadzi continues being the girl she thinks she is as she coughs up about R150K for a charity of her choice. Following her successful One Woman Show over the week in Botswana that saw about over 20 000 in attendance. Makhadzi’s good deeds have us all in awe.

Despite the rumors that Open Mic Productions was taking Botswana’s music and entertainment promoter Gilbert ‘PP’ Seagile over monies. Things have since worked on everyone’s favor swimmingly.

During her welcome party by the Botswana Minister and Royals, It was during that time where it was also discussed that she will be donating 10 percent of all the proceedings during her One Woman Show. Makhadzi has since donated a sum of R150 000 to the charity of her choice in Botswana.
“Makhadzi will then award 10% of the event to Botswana charities of her choice” wrote Overview Radio.

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