Mzansi Still questioning Is Tino Chinyani is Married Or Not !!!!

Mzansi Still questioning Is Tino Chinyani is Married Or Not !!!!

Mzansi Still questioning Is Tino Chinyani is Married Or Not !!!!
Mzansi Still questioning Is Tino Chinyani is Married Or Not !!!!

Born in 1994, Tinotenda “Tino” Chinyani may be a Zimbabwean-born media temperament WHO dabbles as a model, a tv presenter, an associate degree an actor.

Known for serving body goals aboard his outstanding talent and skills on-air, Tino Chinyani recently caused a heavy dialogue relating to his personal life, and a few of his fans area unit still questioning whether or not he very got married or not.

This article appears the least bit on the main points of what very happened and tries to answer the question concerning whether or not Tino Chinyani is married or not.

Tino Chinyani
Tino Chinyani

Did Tino Chinyani get married?

Earlier in the year, Tino Chinyani caused a stir online once he shared photos of himself at what looked as if it would be his wedding.

The model was wearing a pointy black tux and his dashing “bride” UN agency happened to be model Sadia Sallie was wearing a gorgeous wedding dress and had a bouquet of flowers to travel with it.

As the footage went microorganism, netizens couldn’t facilitate however create conclusions, and whereas some over that the handsome tv temperament had gotten married on the QT, others simply didn’t die and thought it absolutely was a prank.

While Tino failed to deny or make sure the speculations, his “bride” Sadia Saddie took to Twitter to handle the marriage footage and unconcealed that she positively failed to conjoin.

In her statement, she unconcealed that she had been contacted as a model however had been unbroken within the dark concerning the character of the photoshoot till she got there wherever she was told to faux and act just like the wedding was hers and though she wasn’t terribly snug with the full arrangement, she felt intimidated and contend on.

She additionally expressed her dislike at the employment of her photos for a promotion stunt while not seeking her consent.

“I don’t consent to the narrative being pushed. I just went in there to do my job and I wish my voice was respected as a woman to have kept everything very professional. I was told “the controversy is good for the boutique and brand “ but it’s not good for my brand. I want no parts.” She wrote.

So there you have got it, the question on whether or not Tino Chinyani is married is not any, he isn’t, a minimum of for currently.

Who is Tino Chinyani’s girlfriend?

Tino Chinyani’s most up-to-date relationship was with thespian Simphiwe “Simz” Ngema. the 2 UN agency have a son along poor up in Sept 2021.

Following their breakup, Simz took to social media to share the grievous news, stating that their relationship was one in all the foremost unforgettable moments of her life. She went on to mention that it absolutely was a story concerning 2 people UN agency defied all odds to be along.

The breakup was while not some drama to spice it up. Shortly once calling it off, Simz’s friends reportedly bashed Tino Chinyani for grievous their friend.


Source: Zalebs

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