Mzansi supports Zinhle and Kairo after AKA’s death

The death of AKA has left many people shuttered with shock. It is really tragic and frustrating how we can sleep peacefully and wake up miserable. Following AKA’s passing, while people were sending their condolences, some thought of his daughter.

One of the saddest things yesterday was the thought of a little girl waking up to news that her dad was killed while she was asleep. To every child, the name father is another word for love. The best thing that a father can give to his daughter is time and AKA was Kairo’s best mate, he was a good father, who loved his daughter.

Some people indicated that, Kairo has lost a father and best fried through the death of her father. β€œSouth Africa and Africa have lost a legend, but this little Angel, Kairo has lost a father and a best friend. As a father, this hits differently. R.I.P. Aka” Bruno T said

Some raised concerns over how AKA’s baby mama is going to tell their child that her father is no more. β€œI think one of the most heartbreaking things for me is how Zinhle is going to tell Kairo that her father is no more. May God give them both strength.” Johnson Awalle

Lungile said that Kairo was her first thought. “I remember the day I had to tell my son that his father was no more. The hardest thing ever. Condolences to Forbes family and Zinhle.”

May God give AKA’s loved ones, strength, and wisdom to go through this tragic loss.

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