Mzansi wants Andile Mpisane to quit music


Mzansi wants Andile Mpisane to quit music
Mzansi wants Andile Mpisane to quit music
Musician Andile Mpisane performed his latest single Umcimbi at the 4th Annual Hollywood African Prestigious Awards’ viewing party, hosted by Shauwn Mkhize. Industry greats including Somizi, Vusi Nova, Lasizwe, and friends were attending. Mzansi got a front-row seat and it had been all because of entertainment commentator Phil Mphela.

Andile, Shauwn’s son got an opportunity to showcase his talent when he performed at the viewing party but Mzansi was unimpressed. “What talent?” was the emotions shared by many under Phil’s comments section as some were baffled by the “lack of energy” he gave out.

A follower thought that it had been a rehearsal video seeing his lack of enthusiasm, “Phil are you sure you posted the proper video? is that this not from the rehearsals maybe?”

Another commented: “Money can’t buy you talent however it can get you excellent dancers. bright side everywhere.”

Defending Andile, was a lover who applauded him for doing what he loves rather than being stuck during a job that doesn’t serve him. “You know what’s nice about Andile he’s doing what he loves and not doing it for the cash which my friend right there’s happiness, you ought to see what percentage of people are miserable at their jobs due to money. Shout bent Andile he’s king”

Others felt he must return to high school and obtain a qualification so he can run his mother’s businesses.

Mzansi wants Andile Mpisane to quit music

“Call me a HATER…But, money isn’t buying Andile Mpisane NO talent. His mum also has a lot of money, but her sense of dress is simply crazy. Doesn’t she have a stylist, though?”

They didn’t walk off empty-handed, as their reality show ‘Kwa Mam’Mkhize’ won Best Reality Show award at the HAPA’s. After a powerful four outfit change, Shauwn also got recognized at the award ceremony when she got the lady of The Year Award.

Speaking on her reality show which has gained some international recognition, she is proud that it reached numerous people whilst the language of communication was isiZulu. She further stated that albeit she may be a reality star, being a businesswoman comes first and therefore the reality show was a business move itself.

Her name has been tainted countless times on the media so to regain her image a reality show was strategic move so people can get to ascertain her first hand without the influence of the media.

“I needed to vary my identity, which was tainted, I needed to make sure that I clean my house, get my things so as in order that I might be seen as a correct businesswoman.”