Mzwandile Masina reveals that he was severely beaten


Mzwandile Masina reveals that he was severely beaten

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Adjusting to life on the opposition benches has apparently taken its toll on Mzwandile Masina. The former Mayor of Ekurhuleni, who lost the top job during 2021’s Local Elections, was unceremoniously dragged out of a Council sitting on Thursday – leaving his dignity behind in the chamber.

It’s not clear what initially sparked this disruption, but the planned session taking place at the Ekurhuleni Council soon descended into chaos. Rival politicians ended up confronting each other on the floor of the Legislature, leaving one high-profile observer – ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba – bemused by it all.
While the state of the city address went well on Wednesday, the debate collapsed after Speaker Raymond Dlamini and Masina clashed over questions which had apparently been sent to the mayor but never received responses.

Masina claimed the questions never even reached the right people, and accused Dlamini of forcing members of council to lie about receiving the questions.

But Dlamini said the mayor had responded to the questions.

In videos that have been circulating on social media, Masina can be seen been dragged out of council as other councillors accuse each other of assault.

While some on social media claimed Masina was dragged out after threatening an EFF councillor, Masina said there was no truth to the claims.

“I didn’t threaten to assault any EFF member. There was no need to call the bouncers. There was no ANC member who attacked any member of the opposition. We never threw any water bottles. They couldn’t tolerate our ideas, they resorted to violence,” he told Newzroom Afrika.

“I was beaten as a person, as a father of children and a public representative. I was beaten up for no reason by those officers.”
“The ANC in Ekurhuleni has brought Council to a stand still… security has been brought in… but they still refuse to leave. This is what you get when you vote for the ANC, not service delivery.”

However, in a bid to regain control, the summoned security officers leapt into action. In trying to disperse the crowded masses, they picked out Mzwandile Masina as one of the major troublemakers.

Video footage shows the moment he was booted out of the chamber: Several guards grab hold of the ANC heavyweight, and in near-comical fashion, they rush him out of the house amid a chorus of jeers and taunts…
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It’s scarcely believable just how quickly things can change – four months is a lifetime in politics, hey?

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