NaakMusiq wonder who said I was dating Nandi Mbatha?

NaakMusiq wonder who said I was dating Nandi Mbatha?

NaakMusiq addresses Nandi Mbatha

NaakMusiq” Makubalo has finally addressed rumors that he dated model and actress Nandi Mbatha, saying whatever happened between them “didn’t work”.

Anga spoke about the rumored romantic link for the first time since the pair were suspected to be dating around May 2020. He opened up in a recent MacG interview on Podcast and Chill.

“I didn’t really date Nandi, to be honest. It was during the lockdown and we were working on a campaign together. We were shooting a lot of content here so a lot of the time she was at my house,” Anga said, before admitting they basically “hooked up”.

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The actor went on to explain that what they had was more of a “situationship” as opposed to a relationship and after some time they got claustrophobic and it didn’t work out.

“We’ve all had girlfriends in the past and it didn’t work.”

Anga and Nandi sparked dating rumours in May last year with Instagram snaps.

While the pair never officially declared themselves an item, Twitter FBI did their thing when they identified the tattoos on a man Nandi had posted on her Instagram to be identical to NaakMusiq’s tattoos. The snaps have since been deleted.

However, by October 2020, Daily Sun reported the pair had broken up. The musician hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone since then.

Watch the full interview below:

Naak also used the interview as an opportunity to give his fans a blow-by-blow account of how his beef with musician Prince Kaybee came about.

Prince Kaybee and NaakMusiq’s war was one of the most talked-about events of 2020 and it all began with a disagreement over cars, particularly German engines.

On the podcast, Naak said he didn’t understand how their beef started or escalated as it did.

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“I remember saying something and then he laughed and said it’s me being competitive.”

“Then it got a bit tense, I had just bought this M6 that’s parked outside. And then I saw his Whatsapp status. He said, ‘This car looks like a boat’ and the image was of the same car as mine and a trash emoji next to it and I laughed and said if only you knew how much the extras alone on that car cost, it could probably buy a couple of your entry-level Mercedes-Benz.”