Nadia Nakai Kandava celebrates a huge milestone today.

Nadia Nakai Kandava celebrates a huge milestone today.

Rapper, songwriter, and tv personality Nadia Nakai Kandava celebrates an enormous milestone today. When she set foot within the show business, she immediately caught everyone’s attention and has since garnered an enormous following. Despite the success in her career as a rapper and therefore the attractiveness, there’s a couple of belongings you didn’t realize Nadia.Nadia Nakai
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Did you recognize that she spent a while in Kenya during her teenage years? Remember the time she was dragged for her homophobic tweets and therefore the time her outfit left many in awe than Castle Lite performance?

As she celebrates her 31st today, let’s check out the days that Nadia has set the TL ablaze and left much talking.

Nadia NakaiIt’s been a short time since the rivalry between Cassper Nyovest and AKA began and Nadia left many shook when she dropped this bombshell. Well, Cassper’s mentee, Nadia came bent say that she was the rationale Cassper and AKA fell out which when AKA snubbed her, Cassper is that the one that took her under his wing.

Hahaha, Jabu is evil for these pictures!!! #AMN gone be lit doe!!! you recognize i always fight for an honest cause!!! I gadda have you ever at your best lil sis!!! Aye but today was hard i won’t lie but we
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When AKA did a remix of his hit song Baddest, he featured female rappers like Rouge, Fifi Cooper, Nomuzi Mabena and Gigi Lamayne. AKA left Nadia out albeit that they had a really strong working relationship. Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai felt that each one these had been done intentionally . Nadia Nakai, went on a twitter rant about how women are treated by men and she or he was particularly enraged with the South African menfolk and their manipulative ways.

Though she didn’t specify if it had been about her own experience or not, she acknowledged that South African men still treat women poorly.

Narcissists are really amazing at acting like they did nothing wrong… wow… it’s to be a sort of mental disease I swear ??‍♀️

When Lebohang Mayn responded with, “Nadia who’s that? I’ll organize a gang and we’ll solve him real quick, can’t be this stressed Queen.” Nadia’s response was quite telling, wasnt it?

Award-winning rapper Rouge, once more clarified on Podcast and Chill with Mac G that there was no animosity between her and Nadia Nakai. Rouge said they’re both doing great in their respective careers and other people should specialize in that.

Funny enough, people were only assuming this because the 2 talented rappers had never been photographed together nor seen together, causing people to think that they were rivals.

This is not the primary time Rouge had begin to squash claims that they’re beefing. She said she had no problem working with the Nadia Naked star.

However, it’s like Gigi Lamayne had some scores to settle with Nadia.