Nadia Nakai shares advice about stubborn men.


Nadia Nakai shares advice about stubborn men.

Nadia Nakai took to social media to punt her latest YouTube video, in which she shares five tips on how to tell if a man in no longer interested in you.

Nadia Nakai shared her new YouTube video. The 40 Bars rapper is currently finding other ways to keep herself busy amid the national lockdown. The video is titled How To Know If You [Are] Being Ghosted. The term “ghosted” refers to a situation where a potential or current partner suddenly loses contact without any explanation.

In the video, Nadia Nakai shared tell-tale signs of a man who is “ghosting” you. She also stated that the tips are based on personal experiences and some of her closest friends’ lived experiences.

During the over six-minute-long video, she also touched on her recently released 40 Bars music video, featuring Emtee and DJ Capital, as well as being hacked on YouTube.

Watch the video below.