Nadia Nakai strengthens her relationship with Kairo Forbes

Nadia Nakai strengthens her relationship with Kairo Forbes

A relationship is not just about the two people involved. It is much more than that. Immediately you date someone, you open the door to many people being in your relationship. Sometimes you don’t need a ring to make things official but also introducing important people to your partner.

Nadia Nakai is an award-winning rapper, businesswoman and brand ambassador. She has a line that she collaborated with Redbat. She has also worked with Reebok, Russian bear and many more. She’s currently dating rapper AKA and the two are very serious because they have met each other’s family and they have gotten matching tattoos as well.

She shared a video of herself and Kairo, AKA’s daughter joined in on the video. They both have the biggest smiles on their face to show that they get along. If this doesn’t show people just how serious he is about Nadia then we don’t know. Kairo seems to be very free around her.

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