Nambitha-Ben Mazwi is living the best day of her life.

Nambitha-Ben Mazwi is living the best day of her life.

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Actress Nambitha-Ben Mazwi has taken a while faraway from work to rejuvenate herself. she took to her Instagram to share pictures of her weekend away staycation.

The phenomenal actress started the year on a high note. First celebrating Starring In 3 Netflix Shows after Diamond City was licensed by Netflix streaming in over 100 countries.

She tweeted: “I actually don’t even know where to start out at now . Our legal drama #DiamondCity has been licensed by @NetflixSA. And it’s out, NOW streaming across 190 countries as of today. Your girl is officially on three @netflix shows, two of them being hit Netflix Originals.”

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Another Netflix series that Nambitha is a component of is Dead Places. Speaking about the series on her Instagram she said she was excited to be a part of the series.
“A new Netflix Original series, NOW streaming across 180 countries. And yours truly is guest-starring simply because God is sweet . Truly excited about this, not only because it’s an incredibly well-directed gripping paranormal horror, but my three mates are leading the pack and these artists are talents that I cannot await the planet to fall in awe of!”

Nambitha was also a neighborhood of the way to Ruin Christmas: the marriage playing the role of Refiloe.

She has also appeared on Mzansi’s top shows like Scandal and Mzansi Magic’s The Queen where she played the role of Shaqueesha who was an American student.

Speaking about how she gets into Shaqueesha character, Nambitha said: “Preparing for a task is my favourite with every role that I unpack, once I enter for a task i’m going in. With this role, I got the decision at the top of the business day and therefore the following morning I had to audition. So it had been overnight.

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“In terms of the American accent, I had to urge my accent and dialect on point within a couple of hours. When it came to the mental disease part, I needed to flee into the mind of Shaqueesha entirely. it is a very dark role, so I went into very uncomfortable places that I never knew existed. I surprised myself tons .

She said chatting with someone on the brink of a mental asylum patient also help her steel oneself against her character.
“What particularly helped is I spoke to a lover of mine; her sister is currently during a mental asylum. that basically helped me, because i’m going deep into it and check out to unpack the human element. in order that the audience can start to know and not judge her actions – just attempt to educate the audience about mental disease .”