Nandi Madida messages Make Ntsiki Mazwai angry


Nandi Madida messages Make Ntsiki Mazwai angry

Nandi Madida is at the centre of an ongoing Twitter debate which was triggered by her ‘motivational’ tweets.

Her attempt at motivating children took a left turn when she attached life’s achievements to age.

It is without a doubt that she has achieved many things in her life. Not many 30 something-year-olds can afford to shop for their kid land to create a farm. numerous people thought Nandi was speaking from some extent of privilege.

Even though the songstress and business woman’s intentions were good, the bulk argue that her wording should are different as she has now discouraged a bunch of 30-year-olds who haven’t yet reached their goals.

Even though her message clearly is directed at a particular group of individuals who are coming from well-off families and have all the luxuries within the world, some argue that her placing an age stamp to how life should go, reduces the standard and aiming to her message.

“I always say this to children who add my company. The ages 18-25 yrs are so critical. If u waste that point being a rebel wasting ur parents money, being cool, hanging around wrong circles etc. U waste such a lot time & before u realize it u’re 30 with nothing to point out for your life,” she wrote.

The 32-year-old then adds that her being disciplined and taking note of her parents got her to where she is currently.

“life goes by so quickly! per annum counts.. minimize your regrets and do the proper thing. take hold of your life!” she concluded.

Her message clearly landed as an insult to majority of Twitter and she or he sparked a huge debate, swiftly taking her to the highest of the trends list.

Here are a number of the arguments: