Nandi Madida’s new earring is a Mzansi talk

Nandi Madida’s new earring is a Mzansi talk

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Multi-talented celebrity, Nandi Madida wowed fans and lovers with her beautiful photos, the beautiful singer shared a photo she rocked long green wear with her lowcut hair.

After she posted the viral photo, a lot of people have been asking questions about the dress, some people claimed they Noticed something while people were admiring her Beauty.

However, after I came across the post, I saw one comment that got my attention immediately, I decided to let y’all know about the photos.

in this article today, I will share the thing Mzansi Noticed after a popular Celebrities shared a photo online.

Her earings:

It is strange that people can go as far as looking at what people are putting, even going deep just to find out something, a South African Man in the comment section asked Madida why she’s putting on an earring with three roses. although I find the comment funny but if we look into it, earings always have one or two roses but in this context, it is totally different, it has 3 shaped beautiful roses.

Although, the world is now civilized but some certain things are still new to use especially the ones that happen everyday on social media.

In other not to waste much of your time, I would like you to explain, what you saw, have you seen any earings with three roses? if yes discuss about it in the comment section!