Nandi Madida’s song is everywhere. Are you liking it?

Nandi Madida’s song is everywhere. Are you liking it?

Nandi Madida's song is everywhere. Are you liking it?

Multi-talented personality Nandi Madida recently dropped her new single Organic, which she teamed up together with her husband Zakes Bantwini on.

This is the primary time, the 2 musicians collaborated on music together and that they seem to possess created successfully. The song was written by the couple with the help of their 3-year-old son Shaka.

The single is titled Organic and celebrates African bodies and advocates for self-love. Nandi shared together with her followers that the only is devoted to the late Sara Baartman.

“My new single ORGANIC is devoted to the late Sara Baartman who was born in South Africa .” She wrote. “We see her body being appropriated in mainstream media, but she was never celebrated but rather tortured and abused for her African curves that you simply see numerous emulating today. OUR ANCESTOR went through such a lot .”

Nandi’s fans are loving the only and have taken part during a challenge celebrating the only, by replicating the image Nandi shot for the only.
Nandi Madida's song is everywhere. Are you liking it?

Nandi Madida's song is everywhere. Are you liking it?
The award-winning singer is loving the reception her song is receiving from all her fans and has the singer is delighted to see her fans celebrating their bodies.

Nandi has been on cloud nine since releasing her single and she is glowing from all her achievements.

This year she has featured in Beyonce’s film and visual album Black Is King as Nala, which has gained her a replacement set of fans.

Promoting her new single, Nandi revealed that Hollywood actress Taraji P Henson shared a congratulatory message to her. She stated, “CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL!!! Saw you in #BlackIsKing.”

Nandi’s South African fans couldn’t contain their excitement on the post and were shocked at the very fact that Taraji had found her on social media and had taken the time to go away her a message. Mops Mpho commented with, “Woah wow!! Taraji P Henson… this is often a serious honor for our Queen Nandi!”. The Hollywood actress is widely known for her iconic role of Cookie Lyon on Empire.

Her achievements don’t stop there for Nandi she has signed an affect Sony Music.

“OFFICIALLY apart of the SONY family! So excited to OFFICIALLY announce I’m signed to SONY! “shared the singer.

Nandi also recently won her first South African Music Award (SAMA) for her collaboration with rapper K.O on his single Say, You Will. The two won an award for Collaboration of the year. This is the second time the two have teamed on a song together.