Nandi Mbatha was kicked out of Anga Makubalo’s house.

Nandi Mbatha was kicked out of Anga Makubalo’s house.

Actress Nandi Mbatha allegedly kicked out of bae Anga Makubalo’s house

Former Isithembiso actress Nandi Mbatha has allegedly been kicked to the curb by Isono actor and singer Anga Makubalo, professionally referred to as Naakmusiq.

Although the couple has not officially confirmed the break-up, two reliable sources revealed the split.

According to an in-depth friend who didn’t want to be named for fear of victimization, the once happy couple officially break up a fortnight ago.

“They are not any longer together and Naak asked Nandi to go away from his place. She has been living with a lover for a few days now. She isn’t taking the break-up too well,” said the close friend.

Nandi Mbatha

In May, the couple had sparked speculations that they were dating with Instagram posts.

The pair kept things hush-hush until the actress posted an image of herself and her alleged new bae.

Nandi posted an image of herself with a person whose face was dimmed but what gave it away was the leg tattoo which resembled Anga’s tattoo.

She has since deleted all images of them together and unfollowed the musician.

Another source added that Anga had become too busy and wanted to specialize in his booming career and his business venture – a replacement gin brand called poker hand Gin.

The reason for the hack remains unclear.

Nandi Mbatha

Anga couldn’t be reached to discuss the matter.

On 23 September, Nandi had gone onto her Instagram live emotionally and expressed how she believed men were trash and the way they are doing not take women seriously.

“Men don’t take us seriously,” she said on the live stream.

Anga Makubalo

Nandi’s publicist Yaya Mavundla said she wasn’t conscious of the status of their relationship and requested for the actress to comment directly.

Attempts to realize comment from both Nandi and Anga drew a blank.

Anga Makubalo house

Nandi was earlier this year reported to be dating 24-year-old junior creative at Quiteria Atelier Mpho Motsi but the connection led to but two months.

source: instgram/Daily Sun