Nasty is proud of himself and his music in front of Ludacris

Nasty is proud of himself and his music in front of Ludacris

It has been a fortnight since Nasty C released his no 1 album, Zulu Man With Some Power and it’s safe to mention, it’s been making waves both locally and internationally.
The rapper recently shared a video of yank rapper Ludacris bumping to at least one of his songs on the album.

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Nasty C shared on his Instagram the favored American rapper and actor playing his favorite song Black & White, featuring Ari Lennox. The rapper was obviously in awe and even took it as far as advising him to stream his full 20-track album.

This is not the primary time Ludacris has shown some like to South Africa. He once played Prince Kaybee’s hit single Gugulethu featuring Indlovukazi, Supta, and Afro Brotherz.

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Nasty C did something different with this album, he rapped in vernal, which comes as no surprise as his album is titled Zulu Man With Some Power. This move was highly celebrated by his fans and a few of the industry mates.
In an interview with ZAlebs, he spoke about the criticism he faced for not rapping in Zulu, as people wont to slam him for rapping only in English and he wanted to showcase his distinctive Zulu verses.

“As a township boy from Illovo, I felt it had been befitting on behalf of me to rap in vernal especially because this track is about my struggles and the way my hood has inspired me to realize the best,” he said.

Read the exclusive interview here.

His album is taken into account ‘the favorite album within the world’, this consistent with Siri who proved his theory.
The Def Jam signee is currently performing on yet one more international feature with popular rapper Big Sean. They two of them confirmed this via their Twitter accounts with Big Sean saying “That’s my dawg! we’d like to end something” when he was asked by a lover if he would be working with Nasty C.

Nasty commented with “that D2 are some things special big homie” confirming the news.

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