Natasha and Lorch live the best moments of their lives

Natasha and Lorch live the best moments of their lives

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Natasha Thahane is the happiest woman on earth now and it’s all because of her new love with Thembinkosi Porch. Lorch is written all over on the actress’s radiance, and we like it. Many people on social media were taken back by Natasha and somebody’s son. They’re serving the couple goal we don’t know how things will end it might end in tears.

These new flames caught many people off guard at first after seeing their photos together. People have warmed up a lot of people’s hearts. Although they have mange to keep their relationship as a secret now it seems they failed to hide love is in the air. Her fans also they were taken by storm they love it.

Natasha recently wrote on her Instagram page she stated that she was in a difficult in her life but God has been good to her. “I never been so serene in the thick of a storm,” she wrote it’s only possible because of God.

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Back on Lorch’s birthday, Natasha tweeted about him for the first time, but she swiftly collapsed. ” King @Thembinkisi Lorch has a birthday today. May God continue to gaurd and guide you throughout your life. I wish you many more years of happiness,love peace, and complete access to the resources of heaven. Who you are is someone I appreciate and respect. Mr, I adore you.


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