Natasha Thahane and Kwaito from Skeem Saam have a problem on the horizon

Natasha Thahane and Kwaito from Skeem Saam have a problem on the horizon

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One of the reasons media personalities are fighting against each other after being best friends for so many years is that they fail to distinguish between industry friends and genuine friends. An industry friend is more of your colleague in the entertainment industry whom you work with, go out with but in your conversations, you limit talking about your personal life. Whilst a genuine friend is one whom you share everything with, the relationship is beyond outings together but becomes more of a sister-sister or brother-sister.

Natasha Thahane and Clement Maosa have been friends for over seven years and seemed to maintain a good and healthy relationship. Their relationship started back in 2013 when they both made their first debut on Skeem Saam. Because of their scripts being along the same line on screen, they became close and ended up being good friends in real life. The two would be seen going out for partying and other events alongside with their colleagues whom they also were friends with.What we see on screen and on social media is honestly not what it truly is behind the scenes; there is so much that is going on behind the scenes of celebrities.

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Yesterday in an interview with MacG, Clement was asked of how he felt when Natasha was being bashed for a long period on social media for being given funds by the government to go study in the US. Clement just said he does not want to comment on that because right now she is currently blocked by Natasha Thahane on social media. MacG was very shocked because Natasha and Clement had had a good relationship for years now and with no drama involved.

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Clement further explained that perhaps Natasha Thahane was going through a lot which caused her to block him but he is good with her and does not hold any sort of grudges against her. He further concluded that he did not really take it personal but just respected her decision.


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