Natasha Thahane has a gorgeous pregnancy bump


Natasha Thahane has a gorgeous pregnancy bump

Pregnancy is one of the most sacred and beautiful things ever. For so many years women were made to feel like they should hide their Pregnancy and that made them not to fully enjoy the experience. Now they can make their own beliefs and enjoy carrying their little ones.

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Natasha Thahane’s Pregnancy definitely left many people stunned. The actress took everyone by surprise mostly because she’s one of our quiet and reserved celebrities. And since she grew up in church, as she’s the grand daughter of the late Desmond Tutu, we thought she would be married first. But we love how happy and glowing she is.
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She has slowly easing us into the Pregnancy. But we are ready and want more. She has now shared a beautiful picture of herself in a Haute Africa dress. She’s cradling her baby pump while looking like a dream. Her fans couldn’t stop gushing over her. She’s carrying so beautifully.


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