Natasha Thahane tells us about her baby’s godmother


Natasha Thahane tells us about her baby’s godmother

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Being a celebrity is one of the coolest and hardest things ever. People watch your every move and some people are very judgemental. While in some cases it gets you things that normal people can’t get. It’s not easy being followed and loved by many people.

Natasha Thahane left Mzansi stunned when she announced her pregnancy. Some went as far as to think that it was photoshop, while it’s not. The Blood and Water actress joined a list of pregnant celebrities. She’s carrying so beautifully. She’s one of those people we wouldn’t mind seeing pregnant every.

She’s only shared two pictures of her pregnancy. Today she named her bestfriend Inno as the God mother. The two stared together on Skeem Saam were they were friends. They went as far as being friends even after the show. It seems Inno is sick as she tells her to get better. We know that they are very close and are not surprised at all.

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