Natasha Thahane’s baby shower is the most beautiful and the best


Natasha Thahane’s baby shower is the most beautiful and the best

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South African famous actress Natasha Thahane hosted a private baby shower at an unknown venue which was organized and decorated by Nono Events. She has not yet posted anything on her social media platforms but those that are close to her have posted. This includes family, friends, and colleagues. Natasha Thahane’s baby shower was yesterday (Sunday), 26 March 2021. Her baby sister, Omolemo Thahane posted a glimpse of what was taking place in this beautiful event, from Natasha Thahane’s arrival to the food that was served and some of her friends she invited over to her sister’s baby shower. But before that, Natasha posted a video of herself being done her make-up by a make-up artist who was not seen. In the above picture is evident that Natasha was preparing for baby shower event, she felt the need to do her make-up and not go natural. Natasha Thahane’s baby sister posted a video of her sister arriving in a Mercedes Benz with her baby daddy,

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Thembinkosi Lorch, driving upon their arrival. People screamed when they saw her arrive and welcomed her with a warm welcome filled with all sort of joy and laughter.A close friend of Natasha Thahane, Bianca Carmichael, took vivid pictures of Natasha Thahane sharing her speech of how grateful she was for that beautiful moment shared with all the people close to her heart. She looked very stunning in her orange dress and her simple protective hairstyle.The famous gospel musician, Mmatema, was also spotted sharing her heart out to how she wishes Natasha well in her new chosen journey. She sang her most loved song “Make away” where she expresses of how much God makes a way in the midst of darkness. So many people where blessed to have her and hear her


sing live.Bianca did not come alone but she came with her daughter of whom Natasha adores so much. Natasha has posted so many videos and pictures of them together. She had shared of how much she enjoys babysitting her. Ari, Bianca’s daughter, was so pleased to attend her godmother’s baby shower as she looks forward on welcoming her baby sister who is on the way.These are some of the pictures of how the decoration of the event looked like including the food that was served.Towards the end of the event as some of the people were preparing to leave, Natasha and some of her friends were dancing as the DJ played music. She really seemed to be happy to be at that placed with all her loved ones, she really enjoyed herself yesterday.


gThis was a very blissful moment to have experience for Natasha Thahane. She is someone who values friendship and family and she has shared of how much she loves and enjoys having her loved ones in one room. As someone who loves and believes in giving, that same energy was reciprocated to her as everyone bought gifts for her.

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