Nelisa from Big Brother Titans Bobby Blanco turns 27 this is his brunch

Nelisa from Big Brother Titans Bobby Blanco turns 27 this is his brunch

After everything that she went through in past few days, Nelisa is finally ready to have a good time. Nelisa was one of the Big Brother Titans contestants, she has not been doing a lot lately but always on social media. She had to attend this birthday party because she didn’t have have plans to make money like other housemates. Nelisa has been talking very badly about other housemates. I doubt if she will get any deals anytime soon.

She also took it to social media to ask about other housemates since she was busy dining with other celebrities yesterday. I think Nelisa should stop talking about other people and enjoy Bobby’s birthday party and they to live a positive life. Why does she always have to call people out. She is looking beautiful and it is a good time for her to market herself and meet new people as well. She is wearing all white and her hair looks beautiful as always. She had a good potential to be one of the best in the industry, I think she needs to connect with people even more.

Nelisa can be a super model just like Yaya, Yaya has been doing so well and not having problems with anyone. Nelisa needs to ask her to help her and be a model as well. Her outfit are always beautiful, she can wear anything and still look gorgeous. She must not play with her talent like this, she is already famous, this should be easy for her to do.

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