Nelisiwe Sibiya buys a new car worth R1.4 million

Nelisiwe Sibiya buys a new car worth R1.4 million

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Actress Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, who played Dr Mbali Mthetwa in Durban Gen, has purchased an R1.4 million BMW M440i xDrive Convertible for herself.
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The 29-year-old actress is being congratulated on her new expensive automobile. Her pal actress Noxolo Mathula, who plays Lily Dongwe on Uzalo, revealed the acquisition of a new R 1.4 million BMW convertible automobile on social media.
Nelisiwe Faith SibiyaDr Mbali from Durban Gen buys a R1.4 million car: Image Credit @Instagram

Nelisiwe Sibiya as Mbali Mthetwa on Durban Gen
Mbali is a Durban General Hospital intern who was engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Sibusiso Dlamini. She had a secret romance with the good-looking Dr. Lindelani Zulu after meeting him.

She struggles to choose between being with a man who she believes has done a lot for her and being with the man she actually loves.

Her life is full with secrets, and she comes close to marrying Lindelani, but she passes out at the reception of her secret wedding.

Mbali eventually marries Sibusiso, but their relationship is tumultuous.

After his big brother discovers that Sibusiso slept with Thabo’s wife, her husband is slain in a complex hostage situation.

Despite the terrible drama surrounding Sibusiso’s death, Mbali is unable to leave him to be with Lindelani since his will says that she can only inherit everything if she stays with him for a year without being with another guy.
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Mbali is currently suffering a curse after giving up her entire inheritance to be with Lindelani.

Dr Mbali Mthetwa living large in real life

Nelisiwe’s video of her getting perplexed by taxi math went viral on social media. The days of taking public transportation are long gone; sis now lives large and strolls in a convertible BMW.

Nelisiwe Faith SibiyaNelisiwe Faith Sibiya: Image Credit @Instagram

The multi-award-winning actress has secured a contract with Durban Gen producers Stained Glass Productions for R 95 000 per month.