Nelisiwe Sibiya is as good at dancing as acting

Nelisiwe Sibiya is as good at dancing as acting


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Nelisiwe Sibiya is a South African singer and actress currently playing the role of Dr. Mbali Mthethwa on the new local drama, Durban Gen. She has the beauty, the voice and the flair to go with it. As she is becoming a fan favorite, let’s find out what drives her.
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At just eight years of age, the songstress discovers her singing talent. With the help of her older sister, she perfects her vocals. “She would make me reach those high notes; she was an amazing singer. We took the talent from my mother’s side because everyone could sing there. When my sister passed away, I thought I would never want to sing again because I thought I would die too,” says Nelisiwe.
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Nelisiwe is just a girl from Eshowe her talent is beyond measures. She is just only 29 years of age and she has just done so much in life as an entertainer. She is one of the nominees in entertainment awards as the best influencer of the year on social media on Tik Tok she is doing wonders with influential videos. Nelisiwe has got huge love for her tradition. She is proud zulu girl fame has not changed her personality. She just posted a photo on her Instagram page.

The talent she has is so amazing. She even calls herself Ndlunkulu that’s how she sees herself.

Photo credit: her Instagram Follow her on instagram if you want know Nelisiwe Sibiya better. Her instagram handle is nelisiwe-faith sibiya.

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