Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya reveals that she does not like weak men

Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya reveals that she does not like weak men

Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya

The actress is a highly acclaimed performer who initially wanted to be a famous singer, but acting chose her. Nelisiwe is the songbird behind Lockdown soundtracks. The stunner landed her big break on Ifalakhe and she did not look back.

She currently stars as Dr Mbali Mthethwa on Durban Gen and the role has catapulted her career to new heights. She has since solidified herself as a successful actress who boasts 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

The actress got candid about her rise to superstardom, her broken engagement with Ayanda Ntanzi on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM. She revealed how she came from humble beginnings in rural KwaZulu-Natal to cement her career as an actress.
Actress Nelisiwe Sibiya2
Nelisiwe lamented the alleged physical abuse and molesting she suffered from someone who was close to her family and used his money and power to manipulate the family to not take action on his abusive nature. “ I have forgiven him and I have healed,” she echoed.


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She continued: “Before he passed away, he would get a certain amount from me because life knocked him down and he didn’t have anything anymore. It was really sad because as much as something can do something bad to you, you don’t wish them bad luck.”

Nelisiwe spoke about how this has made her into a woman who believes she can do everything a man can do, as she is a breadwinner at home and has built houses for her family members. “If I get married, I don’t need a weak man, he must have his own things.”

Asked about her alleged relationship with Robert Marawa, Nelisiwe denied any involvement with him “I am not dating Robert, I don’t know where this is coming from. We are friends, he’s an amazing man but we are not dating,”

But, instead, she revealed details of her broken engagement with gospel star Ayanda Ntanzi. Nelisiwe spoke highly of her relationship with Ayanda but says the fundamental issues they had were in relation to their differences in religion, and other elements she would not compromise on but would rather not reveal.

“I realized that being with him was holding me back. My career grew after I left him.” This seems to be one of the core reasons she left the relationship, she felt like she was being held back.

“He was a strict man, he would have a problem when I kissed another man on TV. I mean he is a Gospel star and imagine having a wife kissing other men on TV.

She said she landed the Durban Gen role two days after she broke up with him.

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