Nelisiwe Sibiya has a new car for a R1.4 million, congratulations

Nelisiwe Sibiya has a new car for a R1.4 million, congratulations

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In Pictures: Nelisiwe Sibiya ‘Dr Mbali’ from Durban Gen buys a R1.4 million car.

Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya, who starred as Dr Mbali Mthetwa in the Durban Gen television series, has acquired an R1.4 million BMW M440i xDrive Convertible as a birthday present for herself.

On the occasion of the actress’s 29th birthday, she gets complimented on her new high-end vehicle. Noxolo Mathula, who portrays Lily Dongwe on the television series Uzalo, stated on social media that she had purchased a new BMW convertible vehicle worth R 1.4 million.

Nelisiwe Faith SibiyaDr Mbali from Durban Gen buys a R1.4 million car: Image Credit @Instagram

Nelisiwe Sibiya as Mbali Mthetwa on Durban Gen
Mbali is a Durban General Hospital intern who is engaged to her childhood boyfriend, Sibusiso Dlamini, whom she has known since she was a youngster. Following her appointment with Dr. Lindelani Zulu, she began a covert relationship with the good-looking doctor.

Choosing between being with a man who she feels has done a lot for her and being with the man she truly loves is a difficult decision for her to make.
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Despite the fact that her life is full with secrets, she gets dangerously near to marrying Lindelani before passing out during the reception of her secret wedding.

Mbali finally marries Sibusiso, but their marriage is fraught with difficulties.

After his older brother finds that Sibusiso had slept with Thabo’s wife, her husband is killed in a hostage scenario that becomes increasingly complicated.

The tragic circumstances surrounding Sibusiso’s death prevent Mbali from leaving him to be with Lindelani since his will states that she can only receive everything if she stays with him for one year and does not engage in any other sexual activity during that time.

Mbali is presently afflicted by a curse as a result of her decision to give up her whole inheritance in order to be with Lindelani.

Mbali Mthetwa is a doctor who is living lavishly in real life.

It went popular on social media after Nelisiwe posted a video of herself being baffled by taxi math. The days of riding public transit are long gone; she now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and cruises about in a BMW convertible.

Nelisiwe Faith SibiyaNelisiwe Faith Sibiya: Image Credit @Instagram

Several awards have been bestowed onto the actress, who has now signed a deal with Durban Gen producers Stained Glass Productions for a monthly salary of R 95 000.

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