Nelisiwe Sibiya spoke about the reason for her divorce from Ayanda Ntanzi

Nelisiwe Sibiya spoke about the reason for her divorce from Ayanda Ntanzi

Durban Gen actress Nelisiwe Sibiya has recently opened up about why she broke it off with gospel star Ayanda Ntanzi years ago.
Nelisiwe Sibiya
People who frequent her Instagra,m page would know the star is passiona,te about her culture and she expresses it a lot.

In an interview on Engineer Your Life with Lungelo KM, the singer and actress got candid about a lot of things, including the break-up and her proudly Zulu roots that have guided her in her life.

“I was dating Ayanda Ntanzi, in fact, we were engaged, I dated him from when we were still very young during varsity years, so yeah he is a very nice man. We were engaged until 2019. We were engaged as in English engagement.”

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She said their different belief systems is what played a major factor in them splitting up. Ayanda leant more towards the Christian belief system, while for her it was cultural.

“I don’t think I was ready to get to that point of him going home to ask for my hand in marriage, because there were certain things he wouldn’t be able to do. We loved each other, we were best friends, even know he is still my bestie and unfortunately it didn’t work out.

The actress is family-orientated and when asked about who she was dating she kept that a secret.
Nelisiwe Sibiya2
While detailing her journey on her recent production, Durban Gen, she said there were triggers.

Posting a video of her on the show, she wrote: “Shooting these hospital scenes was so close to my heart. And now they are affecting my family.
Nelisiwe Sibiya3

Nelisiwe Sibiya4
“I went all out bringing this to life as they always reminded of my late mother’s last days in hospital. How much she fought sickness, which was said to be cancer. She fought, hey. She honestly thought she would be better, kanti no, death was stronger than her. It was time.”

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