Nelisiwe Sibiya: Tell them to take a sit if they can’t stand me

Nelisiwe Sibiya: Tell them to take a sit if they can’t stand me

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Nelisiwe Sibiya is serving us with fashion goals lately as she’s making sure that she looks good for the camera at all times.

Nelisiwe Sibiya is a budding television actress who is amazingly famous for her role in entertainment and acting.

The actor first appeared in a drama starring on Mzansi Magic called Ifalakhe and did not stop there, while the country was still in lockdown following the discovery of the Corona Virus here in South Africa she made a name for herself with her hit song Mama kabaBafana which made headlines all over social media platforms.

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Her song was even featured in the soapie called Lockdown.

The Durban-based actress has achieved a lot in a short period of time in the filming and entertainment industry and things are going very smoothly for her comparing to what she went through to get where she is now.

She has even been awarded the Best Actress compared to other upcoming actors proving that she’s not in the filming and entertainment to play but to showcase her talent proving to anyone that she’s on top of the game.

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And if you read about her history you will see that this lady has worked very hard to get to where she is now, many who have gone through the same struggles as her have given up and didn’t succeed,but she has fought to be at the level she is not now.

Lately she has been serving her fans with her amazing pictures looking very stunning in her outfits, the actress has really changed even her wardrobe says a lot about her.

She is a brave woman and not shy she’s embracing her identity and her background,she recently made sure that her fans are always discovering a new style of her beautiful fashion in an amazing way.

Today she shared a beautiful picture of herself in a nicely dress with a caption”Take a sit if you can’t stand me” the actress level of maturity is on another level because she knows how to behave around people or her fans she always treat them with respect.