Nelisiwe Sibiya’s beauty surpasses the moon and the stars

Nelisiwe Sibiya’s beauty surpasses the moon and the stars


Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya as Dr. Mbali Mthethwa on Durban General Durban Gen. Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya is a South African singer, actor, and television personality. Nelisiwe is popularly known as Mbali Mthethwa on Durban Gen, where she works as an intern. Nelisiwe is a 29-year-old lady who was born on September 13, 1992. Nelisiwe is a South African from Johannesburg.


Nelisiwe portrays Mbali Mthethwa, who married Sbusiso Dlamini. Mbali is a second-year intern at Durban General Hospital and is now a widow after her husband was shot and killed. Mbali got caught in the middle of a disagreement between her husband and her side lover Lindelani, an ex-superintendent at Durban gen, and she is now married to her brother-in-law since their tradition requires them to marry brother in law if their husbands die.

danelo4 Nelisiwe Faith Sibiya surprises fans by revealing that she has no children at her age, despite the fact that most celebrities nowadays have children, and that she is not currently in a relationship. With all of her beauty, fans have been wondering if she has children, but she revealed that she has no child and is still innocent.