Dr. 3 Seconds wants Ngizwe Mchunu and Sihle Zikalala to go and apologize to Zulu King Misuzulu.

Dr. 3 Seconds wants Ngizwe Mchunu and Sihle Zikalala to go and apologize to Zulu King Misuzulu.

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Dr. 3 Seconds who was seen Walking with Zulu King Misuzulu said that KwaZulu-Natal premier and former Ukhozi FM broadcaster Ngizwe Mchunu must go and apologize to the King for having a fight in Infront of him. Zikalala and Mchunu have since opened cases of assault against each other. Size accused Zikalala of slapping him but Zikalala’s case is not clear what it is for. The fight happened at Moses Mabhida stadium during the event of the Maskandi artists.
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Dr. 3 Seconds said this was the worst thing to happen when the King was present. According to the law Dr. 3 Seconds said Zikalala was supposed to be accompanied by his chief to go and apologize to the King. He also said the crazy Ngizwe must also be escorted to make an apology to the king by his chief. He offered to take the two to the King to apologize as what they did was disrespectful to the King and the Zulu nation. Dr. 3 Seconds said he speaks as someone who must protect the kings as they end up being disrespected by the government who tend to treat them anyhow. Zikalala has been too close to the Zulu King Misuzulu and he now thinks that they are best friends.

He further said the Kings must be honored and respected, as it is the event was a traditional one. The popular Dr. said as much as he knows that Sometimes Ngizwe speaks anyhow and ends up disrespecting, but in the incident that happened, he should be applauded. He did not fight Zikalala back after he was slapped, this portrayed his respect to the KwaZulu-Natal premier. Zikalala’s Facebook page had to be closed as many wanted to know why Zikalala slap Ngizwe and what was his crime.

The page has since been opened as it is used to update what Zikalala is doing as the KZN chairperson. Ngizwe revealed that he has asthma and this caused him to experience chest pains as a result of the beating. Besides Dr. 3 Seconds complaining about Zikalala, many people also are not happy with his actions and also the founder of IFP expressed his disappointment, in the way Zikalala behaved himself, and also his Drinking spree yet he is supposed to be exemplary as a leader of the KwaZulu-Natal government.

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