Uyajola 9/9: Nhlakanipho collapsed in tears when his Bae said yes to another man

Uyajola 9/9: Nhlakanipho collapsed in tears when his Bae said yes to another man

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Uyajola 9/9 always produces drama, excitement, and more drama, every Sunday, viewers just can’t wait to be entertained as Jub Jub and his crew tackle on the cases brought to their attention by one of the partners who suspects that one of them is cheating, he travels around the country tackling those cases, and this week, he came across one of the unique cases, one of its kind and it left him deflated.

His journey took him to Richards Bay in the KwaZulu-Natal Province where a guy by the name of Nhlakanipho wanted to be sure if his girlfriend of three years is really cheating on him since she has been behaving weirdly off late, he revealed that she has not been giving him the same treatment like before, she has literally changed into a person he doesn’t know anymore.

“My girlf of three years seems to be cheating, she has changed and she no longer spends time with me, she no longer has time to be intimate with me,” the poor guy said.

After having done his investigations, Jub Jub came with evidence that the lady is indeed cheating and he asked to be taken to where she is so that he can confront her, and that was his mistake, he was not bringing his A-game into the relationship and it was all put out when she was caught walking hand to hand with another man.

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Upon confrontation, the girl tried to run away as fast as she could from the camera since she was caught off-guard, not knowing what was happening, she later came back and started asking her ‘boyfriend’ questions he was unable to provide answers for.

“What are you doing for me? Where have you been all along to just come now and disturb me while I am walking with my man? You don’t make me happy, I want happiness, I want ‘enjoyment’, your money is not enough to make me happy, I need your time,” the lady said.

The guy was not able to answer the questions, he just wanted to beat up the other guy, but he did not get a chance. When the lady was asked why she never told him that she doesn’t want him anymore, she said let me tell him now, and she literally broke up with him right there and there.

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Just when we all thought the drama is over, they went after the two lovers and Jub Jub was asking the lady some questions when the other guy decided to propose to the woman in front of her other man, he popped out a ring and went down on his knees, and that just deflated Jub Jub and he ran out of energy and stamina at the same time, he started swearing, that was the last stroke, the guy also felt it, his girlfriend of three years being propose right in front of his eyes, he could not do anything about it since she said yes and walked away with him.

Jub Jub for the first time since he started doing this show was short for words, he just didn’t know what to say, he just watched the poor guy cry, he has left swearing when he saw the guy going down on his knee right in the middle of the confrontation.

A lesson learned from this show was that once you call Uyajola 9 /9, you must be sure that you have your own house in order, you make sure you are perfect in every aspect of a relationship because if not, your woman or man will put in a position where you will regret ever calling Uyajola 9/9.