Nicole Maleka explains why she and Heavy K broke up.


Nicole Maleka explains why she and Heavy K broke up.

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You might have seen the clip making rounds on social media of two women having a sip or spill there by YouTube. Well, one of them is Heavy K’s ex-girlfriend and sis did not go easy on him when answering why they broke up.

In an installment of Sip or Spill with Lelo and Nicole, Heavy’s ex Nicole Maleka revealed why they broke up. According to her, they just did not work as the DJ is apparently too controlling.
“I will answer this one. Me and Heavy K separated because he wasn’t a good guy for me, maybe for someone else, yes. He is very controlling and I’m outgoing, so we didn’t crash,” she claimed.
Sip or spill is a YouTube game where fans ask the content creators questions and they have the option of either spilling the beans or if they chose not to, they take a sip of whatever it is that they are drinking.

Reacting to Nicole’s claims, Heavy K said he just misses everything and minds his own business. “Yaz I’m one guy who minds his own business no matter what, simply because I don’t wanna “clash” with anyone but still catching stray bullets, ay kunzima (it’s difficult).”

Black Twitter president Chris Excel asked him a pretty personal question and he said he will not embarrass her but said he will distance himself from someone if they are not okay upstairs.
“I mean I got my own beliefs & I stick to my principles no matter what I wouldn’t discuss that about her with anyone unlike her stepping so low azothetha ubuxoki (speaking nonsense) for clout, don’t care how hot you are, if upstairs vele things are crushing, I move on very quickly.”

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Heavy K also got dragged by his ex-wife Ntombi for being a deadbeat father. Taking to Instagram, Ntombi did not leave any stone unturned when she bashed Heavy for not taking care of their two boys, one of them has specials needs.

Ntombi did reveal that Heavy K pays her R5000 monthly for their children, Yuri and juju, but it is simply not enough, as their eldest son has special needs.
“You have been nothing but toxic from our past relationship till this very day you are toxic! Co-parenting with you is one of the worst experiences I’m currently going through. It’s a constant battle and it’s sad because I’ve never seen this one coming. You’ve always loved your kids, always took care of them as a dad should but ever since the year 2019. Ever since we parted ways you kind of parted ways with your boys too, all they have now become is PR for your brand.

“You know how you always say “I’m selling my body to make money” Yes you are absolutely correct! Simply because you aren’t doing enough and if it means that I need to get paid to sleep with a man so that I can make ends meet for my boys I will do it without thinking twice!” she said.

“You have a disabled 6-year-old boy that is still unable to walk, who doesn’t have a wheelchair, who doesn’t have any medical coverage, and at that time all you ever send is 5k. They have a nanny that needs to be paid, there are school fees, transportation, medical needs, and food. Who do you think pays for all that?”

Ntombi then says Heavy K never wanted her to spread her wings but rather stay at home and look after the children.

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