Nicole Nyaba’s new video is freaking out on Twitter.


Nicole Nyaba’s new video is freaking out on Twitter.

Nicole Nyaba's new video is freaking out on Twitter.

After having taken a social media hiatus, Nicole Nyaba returned to warn fans of a fake Twitter account wreaking havoc in her name, but her voice, her English and her lockdown look left fans concerned for her wellbeing. Anybody who knows Nicole will tell you that moghel is one of the finest looking influencer-turned-rappers in these streets. The “slay queen”, as some of her followers call her, didn’t have her “usual” glow as she took to Instagram to tell her fans to report a fake account that has allegedly been ruining her rep on Twitter.

“I’m extremely tired of people asking me about this fake Twitter/Facebook profiles. Please kindly report any Twitter or Facebook accounts. Furthermore, I’d appreciate it if you don’t bring any type of affairs pertaining [to] those accounts on my business profile,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Nicole Nyaba

The written message was great … concise and clear. The problem came about when sis took to Instagram Stories to reiterate her message. The first thing fans saw and mentioned was that she “didn’t look like herself”. The second “different” thing they spotted was how coarse her voice sounded. Her fans were also left shook by her “lack” of command of the English language.

Check the video from her IG stories below.