Nigerian company turns e-waste into solar-powered lanterns

Nigerian company turns e-waste into solar-powered lanterns


At that time, Igweilo said, “we discovered that… if we leverage electronic waste, we are going to reduce the cost of manufacturing as well as the cost of sales, and that is what drove us to where we are now.

To get 70% of its materials from electronic trash, the business said. For its solar lamps, Quadloop recycles lithium batteries from abandoned old computers. Those lanterns are then utilized by local enterprises allowing them to stay productive if there are power shortages, Igweilo added.

Blessing Samuel, a hairdresser who uses Quadloop’s solar lamp at night, is one of its customers. “It’s excellent; I’ve found it to be useful ever since I acquired it, and it supports me when there is no light. It helps me with my work and relieves the worry of having to buy fuel.


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