Njeza from Uzalo got married in real life?


Njeza from Uzalo got married in real life?

Nkanyiso Makhanya is rumoured to be getting married, and fans are showing their support after the actor claimed a few months ago that he is gay in real life.

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The photo that resurfaced on social media from the actor’s Instagram shows Nkanyiso with a beautiful woman who looks like they were at an event, which raises speculation that the actor got married to his girlfriend in a traditional wedding.

However, the actor hasn’t confirmed anything yet, but already fans are sending congratulations messages, showing much love for the talented actor.


In 2022, Njeza, in real life, was said to be dating Queen actress Ntando Duma’s twin sister, Thando Duma. Njeza and Nduma were together for almost five years, but it’s not revealed if they break up and the actor finds another love.

Nkanyiso Makhanya is an actor who rose to fame after his appearance on the superhit television program Uzalo, featuring Njeza. Before the role, Nkanyiso worked as an intern at 1KZN television, where he got openness to camera work, voice-overs, research, coordinating, and pre-creation.

To make his dream come true, Njeza joined 1KZN TV as an intern. He was tasked with behind-the-scenes work, including camera work, voice-over, research, directing, and pre-production. Working behind the scenes helped Nkanyiso Makhanya immensely. In addition, he was able to learn a lot concerning the entertainment industry.

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Nkanyiso Makhanya has a unique and daring feminine sense of fashion. The sense has got many classifying him as gay. The actor was allegedly seen in a video twerking in a feminine fashion. The video went viral, adding more streams to the rumour. In addition to the video, he posted a picture of himself in makeup.

Despite all the rumours, we are still waiting for the actor to reveal the truth to the public. Fans can’t wait to know more about the actor’s personal life.


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