Nkunzi and Ndoni’s relationship ended in tears

Nkunzi and Ndoni’s relationship ended in tears

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Currently Nkunzi and Ndoni are in love and Gabisile is jealous because she needs Nkunzi but she does not want to tell him, Gabisile made sure that she Chase Ndoni away because she didn’t want Ndoni to sleep with Nkunzi, but she does.

Nkunzi is blinded by love and he does not want to let Ndoni go,and he forgot his deal with Philippe, Phillippe thinks that Nkunzi is taking care of his wife and he does not think Nkunzi could betray him.
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Gabisile will realise that Nkunzi is not willing to give up on Ndoni and he will leave her with no choice, remember Gabisile is jealous, and she is willing to do anything to make sure that Nkunzi separate with Ndoni, Gibisile will sabotage Nkunzi by stealing Phillippe’s number and tell him what Nkunzi do to his wife and that will put Nkunzi’s life in danger.

Gabisile will never give up until she makes sure that Nkunzi separate with Ndoni and this time she will make sure that Nkunzi is her husband again.

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