Noah’s journey in Skeem Saam has come to an end.

Noah’s journey in Skeem Saam has come to an end.

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It appears Noah’s chapter on Skeem Saam is coming to an end after the troubled character was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. We don’t know how the drama would keep his storyline active at this stage. However, fans should not panic yet as the actor hasn’t confirmed that he is leaving. Viewers took to social media to show love to him.
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Noah has grown to be one of the most notable characters in SABC 1’s popular drama Skeem Saam.

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Played by actor Austin Rethabile, Noah is the troubled son of Mokagdi Maputla, who was separated from her mom since he was a little boy. His grandmother did this to protect them both, at the time Mokgadi was only 15-years-old. This has backfired, leaving permanent scars on both Mokgadi and Noah.

Over the last three years or so, he’s come to the fold and has been living with his mother’s in-laws. However, his past has come to haunt him on many an occasion.

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