Nokuthula Mavuso: We’ve normalised deadbeats ‘deadbeating’


Nokuthula Mavuso: We’ve normalised deadbeats ‘deadbeating’

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Deadbeat dads are another pandemic in the country. The River actress Nokuthula Mavuso recently took to her social media to slam fathers who do not take care of their kids.

Taking to Twitter the actress wrote: “We’ve normalized deadbeats ‘deadbeating’. Mothers seeking child support are always told to suck it up and raise the child on their own. M*sepa.”

Fans took to the comments section to react. @phehaa said women are always the ones to be blamed. She wrote, “Choose wisely who you have kids with” ” don’t have kids if you can’t afford “…. ” why did you not use contraceptives”…. “don’t give your child a lifestyle you can’t afford ” blah blah …not once will you hear “deadbeats are trash” ai.”

Nokuthula has starred in many TV shows including Abomama, Rhythm City, Umlilo, and many more. The actress has also been nominated for the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) as the Best Supporting Actress.

She recently teamed up with Legacy Creates in a project called Amagama kaNokutela. The project aims to pay homage to the late Nokutela Mdima-Dube. Nokuthula stars as Nokutela in the project.

The actress told News24 that Nokutela was a trailblazer. She said she came across her name a while ago when she was doing research and not much was written about her.

She explained, “She was more than just Bab’ John’s wife because she was already established even before she married him. At the age of 11, she already had an essay published in a newspaper. She had her own big dreams. It is heartbreaking and disappointing that someone of her stature has been erased from history the way she has been.”

She also told the publication that it is important for kids to be taught History in school adding, ” She could read and write music, she could play the organ, she was the co-founder of Ilanga lase Natal. I strongly believe that can be taught differently to the kids. Yes, it is great to know what is happening with our neighbours, but we need to keep the same energy about our own. We must never forget who we are and where we come from.”

Amagama kaNokutela will be screened next week, 11 February 2022. Burnt Onion production has applauded Nokuthula for her stellar performance in the film.

“There are actors and then there is @NoxNonozi! She always understands the assignment and not to sound dramatic… but we’re watching everything she’s on! And BTW, we’ve been eating up all that’s she’s serving as the inspirational Nokutela Mdima-Dube in Amagama Ka Nokutela,” Burnt Onion tweeted.

A few months ago, Nokuthula revealed that she has accepted her ancestral calling. She posted two of her beautiful pictures saying that the first one resembles her when she was fighting and denying her calling, and the 2nd one is her after accepting and “taking the road less traveled.”

Speaking about how she knew that she had a calling, the actress said: “Too many to mention. ‘Dreaming’ while awake. Knowing names of people I had no business knowing. Things that happened in the past or what was to happen in the future. Dreaming of herbs, etc”

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